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Hiring: Rural Climate Initiative Director

The Heartland Fund, part of the Rural Democracy Initiative, is seeking a dedicated, creative leader to direct our new Rural Climate Initiative.

Watch Clips from the Force Multiplier Fundraiser

Force Multiplier held a fundraiser for RDI to support progressive organizing and communications infrastructure in rural communities. Watch a few of the highlights!

New RDI Grants Support Vital Organizing in Rural Communities

The Rural Democracy Initiative (RDI) team has been working overtime to complete our 2021 grant making. In September the steering committees of our 501c3 Heartland Fund and 501c4 Rural Victory Fund approved an additional $2,075,000 in grants to build the strong civic and political infrastructure rural communities need. Thanks to our generous donors, we supported 37 groups in 12 states and are busy preparing 35 more grants for October approval.

Historic Federal Funding in National Infrastructure

Leaders in the federal government are currently negotiating a historic investment in the nation’s infrastructure. This is a critical moment to both celebrate and advocate for proposals that will benefit rural communities. During this time, funding decisions could change rapidly, and now is the time to push for them to change for the better.

No matter where you live, people need good jobs, clean air, and clean water. After years of economic decline in rural areas, we urgently need the federal government to fund infrastructure to help our communities.

American Rescue Plan - Local Funding

Through the American Rescue Plan, the federal government provided funds for rural communities. Now we need local government to fund the programs our communities need.

Rural Margins Matter

In The Forge, RDI Director Sarah Jaynes notes five key observations about the 2020 election.

In almost every battleground state, Joe Biden could not have won without improved Democratic performance in small cities and rural areas. This was driven in many cases by heroic local organizing that turned out large numbers of Biden voters, who were able to offset the much-discussed Trump turnout surge.

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2020 Election Data

RDI is publishing data to inform early analysis of the 2020 Presidential and US Senate results. These maps, graphs, and county-level data are helpful in understanding results in small cities and rural areas.

RDI in Rolling Stone
Rural Democracy Initiative is featured in Rolling Stone.
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