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RDI in Inside Philanthropy

70% of rural residents don’t have a college degree, and they demand a compelling economic vision that puts working people first. That’s why RDI provided catalytic support for the Winning Jobs Narrative (WJN) that rural advocates use to connect more persuasively with working-class voters.

RDI in The Forge

In an The Forge, Rural Democracy's Sarah Jaynes outlines the strategic lessons behind this year’s rural gains and how an economic agenda and narrative focused on rural working people also contributed to success and points the way toward 2024.


RDI in Associated Press

People in rural communities are concerned about flooding, the water crisis, extreme weather, and other impacts of climate change. In an Associated Press article, Rural Democracy's Sarah Jaynes stresses the importance of policies and messaging directly geared to rural communities.


2022 Election & Changing The Political Landscape Of Rural America

Reflecting on the midterm elections, RDI held a briefing for our funding partners. We learned about rural wins from Megan Hess, Todd Zimmer, Dreama Caldwell, and Carrie Santoro, the amazing leaders of We the People Michigan, Down Home North Carolina, and Pennsylvania Stands Up.

The Midterm Elections and What's Ahead

RDI joined with Neighborhood Funders Group’s Midwest Organizing Infrastructure Funders and Amplify Fund to share our findings and encourage donors and foundations to invest in rural civic engagement.

RDI Job Opportunities
RDI is hiring for two positions: Strategic Partnerships Associate and Rural Youth Voter Fund Program Manager.
Winning Jobs Narrative Media Briefing

Rural people are working people. 70% of rural residents are working class (non-college), compared to 57% in urban areas. Working people are very concerned about economic issues that impact their everyday lives, especially costs and inflation. RDI helped spearhead the ambitious Winning Jobs Narrative (WJN) project to identify a core economic narrative that resonates with working people across race and geography.

Building Local Power Interview

“What we’re trying to do is work with people who really want to make change and lift those stories up, create those success stories, and then try to get some critical mass and momentum going.”

In a recent episode of in Building Local Power, Rural Climate Partnership Director Josh Ewing  shares ways to support rural communities by implementing climate projects.

Safety and Security Support

We need everyone in our network to have physical safety, our organizations to be secure from cyber threats, and everyone in our community to exercise their right to vote without fear of harassment. RDI is working with Vision Change Win to support our network’s security efforts, and we recently held a training for our grantees. The security training presented resources and strategies to ensure electoral safety, conflict de-escalation, organizer and canvasser safety, and building security protocols.

Vote Tripling Workshop 

Polling place vote tripling and early voter vote tripling are two highly effective and easy-to-implement tactics to increase voter turnout. With vote tripling, canvassers stand outside of polling locations at a safe, social distance and ask voters—who are feeling a civic high because they just voted—to remind three of their friends to vote. They’re great ways for volunteers to help and don’t require any additional tech platforms.

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