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Forging a Rural Policy Action Plan
In the context of the 2024 elections, Barn Raiser discusses our Rural Policy Action Report. Their article features interviews with Communications Director Michael Chameides as well as our partners from State Innovation Exchange, American Federation of Teachers, Clean Up the River Environment, Health Care for America Now, and New Georgia Project.
RDI in The Hill

In The Hill, Sarah Jaynes calls for policies that support the small businesses, farmers, workers, and caregivers that drive our economy. The recently published Rural Policy Action Report focuses on our economic well being, particularly those that promote higher incomes and lower costs, generate growth — not policies prioritizing the rich and giant corporations.

2023 Rural Policy Action Report

A national collaborative of rural policy and advocacy organizations released their 2023 Rural Action Policy Report, outlining specific investments, policy improvements, and regulatory reforms to provide the tools rural people need to succeed. The report highlights the ongoing challenges people in rural communities face, the numerous policy successes since the publication of the previous report in 2021, and recommends federal policies that will continue to improve the economy, infrastructure, and resources for these communities.

Building Multi-Racial Power (and Winning!) in Rural Communities
Rural Democracy Initiative hosted a panel at Netroots Nation. Panelists describe the diversity of rural communities, highlights the importance of racial justice work, and showcases what effective organizing looks like in rural communities.
RDI in Nonprofit Quarterly
The federal government has made historic investments in rural communities, and many of these programs will be implemented over the next several years. Now, more than ever, it’s important to ensure the rules, regulations, and outreach are designed to truly benefit our communities.
Convening the Rural Policy Action Summit

In late April 2023, Rural Democracy Initiative met with over fifty rural advocates in Omaha, Nebraska to identify key federal and state policies designed to support rural people and the places they live. It was incredibly invigorating to spend time with these remarkable leaders from around the country.

Youth Organizing in Georgia
RDI sees a huge opportunity for youth organizing—and Georgia has a high share of young voters, nearly half of whom are people of color.
Policy Victory in Rural Texas Leads to Statewide Shift

The saying goes, “As Texas goes, so goes the nation.” The state has been a testing ground for extreme bills attacking voting rights, reproductive justice, and immigration. We also see another dynamic: As rural goes, so goes the state. Rural communities can take bold action to improve people’s lives, and that policy can transform the state.

The Farm Bill & The RDI Network

RDI grantees, partners, and donors participated in a lively and fast-paced discussion on the 2023 Farm Bill. This important legislation is passed every five years, making its impact long-ranging and critical to bring resources to our rural communities. Our dynamic panelists shared how the Farm Bill impacts all of us, and avenues for action to ensure this year’s Farm Bill supports healthy food, a clean environment, and all rural people.

2022 Impact Report
The Rural Democracy Initiative 2022 Impact Report includes lessons from 2022, priorities for 2023, and grantee spotlights.
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