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  • Winning Jobs Narrative

    A narrative framework for working people across race and place

    Progressive policies drive job growth, provide opportunity, and build the middle class. But the Right Wing has held a consistent advantage in trust on jobs and the economy - which are typically among the top priorities for most Americans. That trust advantage appears to be part of what has drawn some working people - across race - to the Right in recent years.

  • RDI Grants Boost Civic Engagement Ahead of 2022 Elections

    In the first three months of 2022, Rural Democracy Initiative’s 501c3 Heartland Fund and 501c4 Rural Victory Fund granted $6,470,000 to 97 groups developing creative and effective ways to engage voters, shape policy, and build support. Thanks to our generous donors, that’s the most we’ve ever granted in the first quarter.

  • Today’s Edition Podcast Interview
    Development Director Renee Linde and Robert Hubbell to discuss how to support progressive rural programs.
  • Workshop: Directing Federal Funds to Your Community

    For decades, people in rural communities have suffered from a lack of investment in our communities. This year and last year, we had two historic federal funding programs: The American Rescue Plan (ARP) and Infrastructure and Investment Jobs Act. These will help us get the care we need and rebuild our economy. But for local and state governments to take advantage of this opportunity, rural leaders and organizations will need to help determine how to spend these funds and also help implement programs.

  • New Resource Guide for State-based Rural Policy
    The Blueprint for Rural Policy Action in the States includes policy priorities, example legislation, and the context for how these issues impact people in rural communities.