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  • Winning Jobs Narrative

    A framework for working people across race and place

    Progressive policies drive job growth, provide opportunity, and build the middle class. However, progressive advocates are getting out-messaged. We are losing with the public on jobs and the economy.

    Working people place a high value on hard work, responsibility, and independence. However, they often feel that progressives and our policies don’t recognize those values. This contributes to a lack of trust and support.

  • Historic Federal Funding in National Infrastructure

    Leaders in the federal government are currently negotiating a historic investment in the nation’s infrastructure. This is a critical moment to both celebrate and advocate for proposals that will benefit rural communities. During this time, funding decisions could change rapidly, and now is the time to push for them to change for the better.

    No matter where you live, people need good jobs, clean air, and clean water. After years of economic decline in rural areas, we urgently need the federal government to fund infrastructure to help our communities.

  • Executive Order promoting competition is historic win for rural communities

    The recently signed Biden Promoting Competition Executive Order is a giant victory for rural communities. The order calls for new and better rules to lower prices, increase wages, and promote innovation. The order establishes the “right to repair” which empowers people to fix their equipment and property without going to an authorized agent.

  • American Rescue Plan - Local Funding

    Through the American Rescue Plan, the federal government provided funds for rural communities. Now we need local government to fund the programs our communities need.

  • 2021 Rural Policy Action Report Cover
    Rural Policy Action Report

    In 2021, we convened rural advocates from across the country to create The Rural Policy Action Report. Identifying the top rural policy priorities for the year, the report was widely publicized and was shared directly with policymakers and key decision makers in the Biden administration. In 2022, we added resources for state-based policymakers and advocates. Each issue area includes policy priorities, example legislation, and the context for how these issues impact people in rural communities.

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