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The latest news and information from RDI

  • Transforming Local Government
    By electing local leaders to the city council, mayor, board of supervisors, and school boards, Pennsylvania United is creating local governments that address local needs and include the community in decision-making.
  • Organizing for Sustainable Rural Power
    RDI grantees are building and engaging a network of electric coop member-owners across multiple states to lead the transition to more equitable and sustainable energy and advocate for reinvestment in rural communities.
  • 2021 Impact Report
    In 2021, Our donors helped us grant $10.2 million to groups in places where rural action will define policy and electoral outcomes, and we advised an additional $3 million in timely, aligned investments.
  • What Works in Rural America
    Working with over 100 groups around the country, we are actively learning about and testing rural civic engagement tactics and strategy. Here's what works in rural America.
  • The Great Battlefield Podcast Interview
    Learn how to build progressive power in rural communities, the challenges facing the movement, and the critical importance of rural organizing. Listen to Nathaniel G. Pearlman's conversation with Rural Democracy Initiative Director Sarah Jaynes on The Great Battlefield.
Media Contact
Press and media inquiries can be addressed to Sarah Jaynes