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The latest news and information from RDI

  • Youth Campaign to Protect the Right to Abortion Care

    Loud Light organizers know the dangers of extremism. As children, they grappled with the assassination of Dr. George Tiller, an abortion provider in Wichita. As they reached voting age, they saw extremists place deliberate barriers to voting.

    So, in 2022, when Kansans’ constitutional right to abortion care was threatened by a radical ballot measure, Loud Light was ready. For seven years, Loud Light had engaged young voters, and RDI’s flexible support enabled Loud Light to shift their programs and try new ideas.

  • The Farm Bill & The RDI Network

    RDI grantees, partners, and donors participated in a lively and fast-paced discussion on the 2023 Farm Bill. This important legislation is passed every five years, making its impact long-ranging and critical to bring resources to our rural communities. Our dynamic panelists shared how the Farm Bill impacts all of us, and avenues for action to ensure this year’s Farm Bill supports healthy food, a clean environment, and all rural people.

  • Protecting Public Schools

    Rural communities depend on public schools so that students can acquire the skills and knowledge to become critical thinkers ready to seize their future. But these valuable tools are threatened by reactionary forces seeking to cut funding and give it to private schools.

  • Alaska Grantees Strengthen Democracy

    Alaskans transformed their political landscape in 2022—thanks to a coalition led by Progress Alaska, AKPIRG, The Mobilization Center, Alaska Voter Hub, Native People’s Action, and Alaskans for a Better Government. That coalition mobilized Native, young, and women voters with well-executed strategies, including canvassing, communications, and legal fights.

  • 2022 Impact Report
    The Rural Democracy Initiative 2022 Impact Report includes lessons from 2022, priorities for 2023, and grantee spotlights.