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The latest news and information from RDI

  • New Rural Climate Initiative Launches with 3 Initial Grants

    The Heartland Fund, Rural Democracy Initiative’s nonpartisan 501(c)(3) organization, is launching an ambitious Rural Climate Initiative to mobilize rural-led solutions to climate change. This new initiative will help create lasting jobs and build rural communities strong enough for young people to want to make homes there, shifting the narrative about climate in rural America to one of opportunity. 

  • Helping Rural Schools to Thrive
    When regressive forces sought to create anger over COVID protections and curriculum that acknowledges the history of racism, the Wisconsin Public Education Network (WPEN) responded by supporting communities and school districts across the state.
  • Connecting Voting with Everyday Issues
    Native Peoples Action Community Fund (NPACF) teamed up with The Mobilization Center to build lasting relationships with Alaska Native communities. The groups reached out to Alaska Native peoples and held thousands of long-form, deep-canvass phone discussions on climate change, representation in government, hunting and fishing rights, and youth engagement.
  • Innovations in Rural Civic Engagement

    Our Democracy is under attack. After attempting to overturn the 2020 election results, anti-democratic forces are now placing deliberate barriers to voting, drawing election districts to prevent competitive elections, and stacking how elections are regulated and certified. These barriers disproportionately impact the civic engagement of certain communities, including rural, tribal, and people of color. In the face of these urgent challenges, groups are developing innovative and effective ways to engage voters, shape policy, and save our Democracy.

  • Transforming Local Government
    By electing local leaders to the city council, mayor, board of supervisors, and school boards, Pennsylvania United is creating local governments that address local needs and include the community in decision-making.
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