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The latest news and information from RDI

  • 2022 Election & Changing The Political Landscape Of Rural America

    Reflecting on the midterm elections, RDI held a briefing for our funding partners. We learned about rural wins from Megan Hess, Todd Zimmer, Dreama Caldwell, and Carrie Santoro, the amazing leaders of We the People Michigan, Down Home North Carolina, and Pennsylvania Stands Up.

  • Election Results Dashboard and Map

    Rural voters are swing voters, and these swings decide elections. We’re sharing a new tool to view and analyze these voting patterns. 

    The RDI Election Results Dashboard provides easy access to county-level data. The Dashboard shows trends across county types, including large and small metro, suburban, and rural. In addition, you can compare 2022 election results to past elections. There are numerous ways to filter the data and visualize it on an interactive map.

  • The Midterm Elections and What's Ahead

    RDI joined with Neighborhood Funders Group’s Midwest Organizing Infrastructure Funders and Amplify Fund to share our findings and encourage donors and foundations to invest in rural civic engagement.

  • Newsweek clip
    RDI in Newsweek
    Erica Elelson, co-founder of Rural Urban Bridge Initiative, writes how Democratic candidates can win in rural communities. In Newsweek, she cites Rural Democracy's election coverage and the importance of engaging working families.
  • Down Home North Carolina
    2022 Election Analysis

    This year, our network of over 100 groups and leaders engaged hundreds of thousands of people in rural areas, small towns, and small cities. We changed electoral outcomes and built political power that will endure past the election. The 2022 Midterm Election had many hopeful and bright spots, along with surprises, many incredible learning opportunities, and of course some tough disappointments.