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The latest news and information from RDI

  • RDI's COVID-19 Response

    The intense challenges posed by COVID-19 to our rural partners have spurred us to quickly provide additional assistance to organizations rapidly adjusting their programming because of the outbreak. RDI is uniquely positioned to be responsive to organizational needs related to COVID, and we're in continuous contact with grantees.

  • LEAD South Dakota
    These Progressive Women Are Reshaping The Politics Of The Northern Plains 
    LEAD has an effective model for strategic progressive change in rural America, and they're ready to expand. It was Wednesday, November 9, 2016, and Donald Trump had just won the election. Susan Kroger, Carmen Toft and Carrie Johnson gathered to commiserate over the election and a political landscape in South Dakota that didn’t support their values. The group knew that the political moment was an opportunity to recruit new volunteers, motivated by the results of the 2016 election, into on-going advocacy efforts in their state with little or no progressive infrastructure.
  • Stop the stealing rally
    Farmers, Ranchers, And Rural Communities Rally Against Corporate Power And The Monopolization Of The Farm And Food Industry
    In 2019, Family Farm Action and their allies rallied farmers, ranchers, and rural communities against corporate power and their monopolization of the farm and food industry. 
  • How Free Back-to-school Haircuts Are Transforming Communities And Building Bridges In Rural Appalachia
    IAO offers services to low income families, youth, and seniors through various programs based on needs identified through community engagement. IAO also advocates for Appalachian Ohioans to elected officials, and equips citizens with information about issues and voting records with the goal of establishing a well-informed electorate for building progressive communities.