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  • 2021 Rural Policy Action Report Cover
    Rural Policy Action Report

    Rural advocates from across the country have united around common values and shared challenges. The Rural Policy Action Report outlines the most significant and urgent challenges facing rural people today. The call to action makes practical and actionable recommendations to pursue immediately. With your support, the call to action will change policy, spark conversation, and empower progressive leaders.

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  • Rural Margins Matter

    In The Forge, RDI Director Sarah Jaynes notes five key observations about the 2020 election.

    In almost every battleground state, Joe Biden could not have won without improved Democratic performance in small cities and rural areas. This was driven in many cases by heroic local organizing that turned out large numbers of Biden voters, who were able to offset the much-discussed Trump turnout surge.

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  • 2020 Election Data

    RDI is publishing data to inform early analysis of the 2020 Presidential and US Senate results. These maps, graphs, and county-level data are helpful in understanding results in small cities and rural areas.

  • RDI in Rolling Stone
    Rural Democracy Initiative is featured in Rolling Stone.
  • RDI's COVID-19 Response

    The intense challenges posed by COVID-19 to our rural partners have spurred us to quickly provide additional assistance to organizations rapidly adjusting their programming because of the outbreak. RDI is uniquely positioned to be responsive to organizational needs related to COVID, and we're in continuous contact with grantees.

Media Contact
Press and media inquiries can be addressed to Sarah Jaynes