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The latest news and information from RDI

  • Safety and Security Support

    We need everyone in our network to have physical safety, our organizations to be secure from cyber threats, and everyone in our community to exercise their right to vote without fear of harassment. RDI is working with Vision Change Win to support our network’s security efforts, and we recently held a training for our grantees. The security training presented resources and strategies to ensure electoral safety, conflict de-escalation, organizer and canvasser safety, and building security protocols.

  • Vote Tripling Workshop 

    Polling place vote tripling and early voter vote tripling are two highly effective and easy-to-implement tactics to increase voter turnout. With vote tripling, canvassers stand outside of polling locations at a safe, social distance and ask voters—who are feeling a civic high because they just voted—to remind three of their friends to vote. They’re great ways for volunteers to help and don’t require any additional tech platforms.

  • Engaging Working Families in the Midterm Elections

    To create policies that give people the tools to improve their lives and their communities, we need to be able to unite majorities and build coalitions that share common cause. And majorities cannot be achieved without a strong, resilient working-class base that builds power across rural, urban, and suburban communities.

  • Co-Governance in Action

    RDI grantee Faith in Indiana has replicated its co-governance model in Gary, Fort Wayne, South Bend, and Indianapolis. Co-Governance starts with a simple idea; it’s up to us to take responsibility to create the conditions required to winimplementdefendenforce, and sustain progressive policies and programs.

  • Peltola’s Win in Alaska

    Last week Mary Peltola won the special election to fill Alaska’s sole US House seat, previously held for 49 years by the late Congressman Don Young. Peltola, who is Yup’ik, will be the first Alaska Native in Congress and the first woman to hold the seat — uniting rural and urban voters with her “Pro-Jobs, Pro-Fish, Pro-Family and Pro-Choice” platform.