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  • solar install
    Federal Assistance To Fund Rural Solar

    Park County, Montana is using Federal funding to partner with Yellowstone Bend Citizens Council (YBCC) to launch a new solar project. New solar arrays will reduce energy costs for low-income residents, a public school, and a county fairgrounds exhibit building. In addition to cost savings, it also reduces greenhouses emissions and is a critical component to avoiding the most devastating impacts of climate change.

  • Watch Clips from the Force Multiplier Fundraiser

    Force Multiplier held a fundraiser for RDI to support progressive organizing and communications infrastructure in rural communities. Watch a few of the highlights!

  • CASA in DC
    New RDI Grants Support Vital Organizing in Rural Communities

    The Rural Democracy Initiative (RDI) team has been working overtime to complete our 2021 grant making. In September the steering committees of our 501c3 Heartland Fund and 501c4 Rural Victory Fund approved an additional $2,075,000 in grants to build the strong civic and political infrastructure rural communities need. Thanks to our generous donors, we supported 37 groups in 12 states and are busy preparing 35 more grants for October approval.

  • Winning Jobs Narrative

    A framework for working people across race and place

    Progressive policies drive job growth, provide opportunity, and build the middle class. However, progressive advocates are getting out-messaged. We are losing with the public on jobs and the economy.

    Working people place a high value on hard work, responsibility, and independence. However, they often feel that progressives and our policies don’t recognize those values. This contributes to a lack of trust and support.

  • Historic Federal Funding in National Infrastructure

    Leaders in the federal government are currently negotiating a historic investment in the nation’s infrastructure. This is a critical moment to both celebrate and advocate for proposals that will benefit rural communities. During this time, funding decisions could change rapidly, and now is the time to push for them to change for the better.

    No matter where you live, people need good jobs, clean air, and clean water. After years of economic decline in rural areas, we urgently need the federal government to fund infrastructure to help our communities.

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