Sharing the Latest Research with Grantees

Force Multiplier held a fundraiser for RDI to support progressive organizing and communications infrastructure in rural communities. Watch a few of the highlights!

'The only way we were going to win is if we held the line in SW GA, which was the most rural and poorest part of the state.' -Shakya Cherry-Donaldson, @1kWomenStrong

At a Force Multiplier fundraiser for RDI, Shakya shares how funding rural organizing helped elect 2 GA Senators.— Rural Democracy Initiative (@DemocracyRural) September 17, 2021

How do you engage rural residents? Julie Bomar shares how @wifarmersunion keeps strong relationships, asks people what they need, and then delivers results.

Watch the clip from the recent @MultiplierForce fundraiser for RDI.— Rural Democracy Initiative (@DemocracyRural) September 20, 2021