In rural Meadville, Pennsylvania, Mayor Jaime Kinder developed an innovative strategy with local Allegheny College to create grant writing opportunities to benefit the small community. It's one of the many ways Kinder, according to Public News Service, seeks to improve quality of life in Meadville.

Kinder assisted with Rural Democracy Initiative's 2023 Rural Policy Action Report, and RDI collaborated with Kinder to develop the Public News Service story highlighting her work in Meadville. Kinder's success showcases the ways grants can improve rural communities, while also highlighting the ongoing challenges our communities face to access these funds, and the creative solutions coming out of rural places.

"It's great to have the money, but if we can't find or pay a person to do it [go after the funding], we can't go after it," Kinder told Public News Service. "The federal government should be able to put in those stipulations -- 20 hours a week for six months, for somebody to write the grant; 20 hours a week to administer. We can use that same person to do multiple grants."