In May, Rural Democracy Initiative convened more than 50 diverse rural leaders from across the country at the 2023 Rural Policy Action Summit. It was the second event of its kind, and its participants provided a roadmap for rural renewal documented by RDI Executive Director Sarah Jaynes in The Daily Yonder.

"Like most Americans, rural people have relatively simple expectations from our government," writes Jaynes. "All of us, no matter where we live, want a fair shot, with the tools and opportunities to build a good life for ourselves and contribute to our communities. That means lower costs for the basic necessities like childcare, healthcare, prescription medications, and energy. It means leveling the playing field for small businesses and family farmers and reining in corporate monopolies. It means ensuring clean water and air so that families can thrive, and opportunities to benefit from transitioning to cheaper, locally controlled, and more reliable clean energy. And it means ensuring every family, no matter the color of their skin, can participate in local economies and our democracy."