Working with rural groups around the country, we have unique insight into the tactics and strategy of rural civic engagement. We provide essential thought leadership on how we can, and must, build rural organizing and communications as part of a progressive movement that transcends all the divides holding our country back, including the rural / urban divide. Rural Democracy Initiative Executive Director Sarah Jaynes joined Nathaniel Pearlman on The Great Battlefield podcast for an engaging conversation. This was a fantastic platform for elevating progressive leaders and ideas in a national dialogue. They discuss a few key ideas:

  • RDI is helping progressive leaders understand the imperative and potential in rural engagement.
  • Rural people are more diverse, younger, and more with us on the issues than many people realize. Where we organize, we can win.
  • Successful organizing is more than showing up. Our work needs to be rooted in local relationships and local leaders. This includes listening and tactics like deep canvassing so that we communicate in ways that connect.