Alaskans transformed their civic landscape in 2022—thanks to a coalition led by Progress Alaska, AKPIRG, The Mobilization Center, Alaska Voter Hub, Native People’s Action, and Alaskans for a Better Government. That coalition mobilized Native, young, and women voters with well-executed strategies, including canvassing, communications, and legal fights.

Thanks to this innovative coalition, many foundational pro-democracy policies were established in 2022. In contrast to many states, Alaska now has fairly drawn election districts for the next ten years. AKPIRG partnered with Alaska Native corporations, Tribes, and labor organizations to create their own consensus State House maps, which were then approved by the Independent Redistricting Board. They challenged racial gerrymandering of the State Senate Maps in court, and after over 2,000 public comments, the Alaska Supreme Court ruled for fair maps. The coalition also led the effort that resulted in state recognition of Alaska’s 229 federally recognized tribes.

After deep investment over multiple years in groups engaging Native Alaskans, their participation will be rewarded with representation by the first Alaska Native woman in Congress, Mary Peltola. In addition to representation for Alaska Native communities, her campaign was a model for connecting with working-class voters—championing a “Pro-Jobs, Pro-Fish, Pro-Family, and Pro-Choice” message.