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Winning Jobs Narrative

A framework for working people across race and place

Progressive policies drive job growth, provide opportunity, and build the middle class. However, progressive advocates are getting out-messaged. We are losing with the public on jobs and the economy.

Working people place a high value on hard work, responsibility, and independence. However, they often feel that progressives and our policies don’t recognize those values. This contributes to a lack of trust and support.

The stakes are high, and the timing is urgent. After years of economic decline in rural areas followed by the 2020 recession, progressive leaders in the US are now creating critical programs such as the American Rescue Plan, Promoting Competition Executive Order, and the Infrastructure Bill. These initiatives create critical opportunities for working people in both rural and urban communities. We are in the midst of a once-in-a-generation shift. But these programs are imperiled if we don’t connect with working people.

To succeed, we need working people to feel agency and be part of the advocacy, design, and implementation of solutions. And that all begins with having a shared language and understanding that creates widespread support.

The Winning Jobs Narrative Project brings together top narrative practitioners and advocates to create a compelling progressive economic narrative and a blueprint for successful messaging. Phase 1 includes a comprehensive review of recent and existing research.

The Winning Jobs Narrative Project’s 501c3 work is funded by a growing list of funders, including The Heartland Fund (part of the Rural Democracy Initiative), the New Economy Fund at the Democracy Alliance, Way to Win / Way to Rise, Open Society Foundations, and Wallace Global Fund.

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