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Winning Jobs Narrative

A narrative framework for working people across race and place

Progressive policies drive job growth, provide opportunity, and build the middle class. But the Right Wing has held a consistent advantage in trust on jobs and the economy - which are typically among the top priorities for most Americans. That trust advantage appears to be part of what has drawn some working people - across race - to the Right in recent years.

This is why the Rural Democracy Initiative helped launch and support The Winning Jobs Narrative Project, which has brought together top narrative practitioners and advocates to create a compelling progressive economic narrative - a blueprint for successful messaging on issues relating to jobs and the economy. 

Working people, particularly non-college voters, highly value work, responsibility, independence, and contribution to community. And they can sometimes perceive that progressives do not share these values and are not focused enough on their economic well being. The Winning Jobs Narrative Project has developed a narrative that more resonantly frames progressive economic issues within the key values widely shared by working people across race and place.

To successfully advance a bold progressive agenda, we need strong and resilient majorities. And working people, particularly non-college voters who make up the overwhelming majority of the electorate, are key to building strong majorities.


Winning Jobs Narrative


Research for the Winning Jobs Narrative Project was made possible by generous 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) support from numerous funders, including The Heartland Fund and Rural Victory Fund (both part of the Rural Democracy Initiative), the New Economy Fund at the Democracy Alliance, Way to Win / Way to Rise, Open Society Foundations, and Wallace Global Fund.