Rural Democracy Initiative

Our country is stronger when we invest in rural people and organizations bridging across racial, economic, and geographic differences to drive solutions. Rural Democracy Initiative builds power toward a thriving democracy and shared prosperity across diverse communities in rural areas and small cities.

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HEAL Food Alliance

Rural Democracy supports and connects rural leaders working to transform our lives and communities. We invest in year-round civic engagement, issue advocacy, community organizing infrastructure, and rural leadership in statewide and national coalitions. In addition to grantmaking, Rural Democracy also supports rural leaders and organizations through convening, research, and communications.

Our Network

Rural Democracy invests in over 125 groups to work alongside hundreds of thousands of people in rural areas, small towns, and small cities to improve our lives and communities.

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Rural Democracy drives effective communications by establishing local trusted messengers, reaching people through local press, and showing the connection between national talking points and local impacts.

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We work to advance policies that improve the lives of rural people and ensure democracy works for us all. The Rural Democracy network has fueled a historic surge of rural progress, profoundly affecting numerous recent policy successes.

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Photos: Northern Plains Resource Council, Wisconsin Farmers Union, Institute for Local Self-Reliance

Featured Report

Rural Policy Action Report

Featuring priority legislation and executive action that supports working families and strengthens rural communities. The report also highlights numerous policy successes and the ongoing challenges people in rural communities face.

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Support Rural Progress

Invest in the potential of our small towns and rural communities.

We have seen enormous success in the fight for change in rural communities. The Rural Democracy network is poised to make an even greater difference this year.

Winning Jobs Narrative

The Winning Jobs Narrative and Toolkit provides a blueprint for compelling messaging about jobs, work, and the economy.

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Rural Youth Voter Fund

Investing in authentic long-term engagement of our young community members.

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