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We are changing the political landscape of rural America.

Rural Democracy Initiative (RDI) supports rural people working to transform their lives and communities in service of shared prosperity and democracy. We invest in permanent civic engagement, issue advocacy, community organizing infrastructure, and sustainable urban-rural coalitions. In addition to grantmaking, RDI also supports rural leaders and organizations through convening, research, and communications.

With everything at stake this year, we are increasing our grantmaking while carefully targeting our investments in places where rural action will define policy and electoral outcomes. We regularly convene grantees to share what’s working and innovations. We match groups in our network with technology platforms, research, and other resources to enhance their success. Learn More

RDI is investing in research, content, and narrative development while building a collaborative network of communications platforms with credibility in rural areas. Learn More

The RDI network helped pass many of the priorities in our Rural Policy Action Report, including programs for public health, economic recovery, and protections for working families. Our grantees are working with local officials to ensure that federal funds can quickly help with broadband, housing, and small businesses. Learn More

We know how to win in small towns and rural communities

Election Results Dashboard and Map

Rural voters are swing voters, and these swings decide elections. We’re sharing a new tool to view and analyze these voting patterns. 

Newsweek clip
RDI in Newsweek

Erica Elelson, co-founder of Rural Urban Bridge Initiative, writes how Democratic candidates can win in rural communities.

Down Home North Carolina
2022 Election Analysis

This year, our network of over 100 groups and leaders engaged hundreds of thousands of people in rural areas, small towns, and small cities.

siembra group
Stories from the Field

With the Midterm Elections just one month away, RDI held a briefing for our funding partners.

Engaging Working Families in the Midterm Elections

To create policies that give people the tools to improve their lives and their communities, we need to be able to unite majorities and build coalitions that share common cause.