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We are changing the political landscape of rural America.

Rural Democracy Initiative (RDI) connects rural leaders with national and regional funders to build powerful, permanent civic and political infrastructure in small towns, small cities and rural areas of the US. Our coalition of rural innovators and funders is working in states where progressive rural civic action will most affect public opinion, elections, and redistricting. We're building sustainable organizations to support rural people working to transform rural America — and therefore the entire country — for decades to come. 

We support powerful and sustained organizing to mobilize neighbor-to-neighbor in rural areas, connected to voter data, digital outreach tools, and leadership development for even greater impact.  

RDI is investing in research, content, and narrative development while building a collaborative network of communications platforms with credibility in rural areas.

RDI provides capacity for rural groups and leaders to link to state political plans and tables, share with colleagues in other states, and to experiment. We are a network for sharing rural opinion research, technology and tactics.

We know how to win in small towns and rural communities

Report: Investing in Rural and Small-Town Voters

Rural Democracy Initiative issues a new report: “The Importance of Investing in Rural and Small-Town Voters.” The report, created by political analyst Mike Lux, reviews voting trends to establish t

Voter registration table
Racial Justice in Rural Communities

6 Case Studies from the RDI Network

Groups around the country are leading powerful racial justice organizing in rural communities.

solar install
Federal Assistance To Fund Rural Solar

Park County, Montana is using Federal funding to partner with Yellowstone Bend Citizens Council (YBCC) to launch a new solar project.

Winning Jobs Narrative

A framework for working people across race and place

Progressive policies drive job growth, provide opportunity, and build the middle class.

2021 Rural Policy Action Report Cover
Rural Policy Action Report

Rural advocates from across the country have united around common values and shared challenges.